Thursday, December 4, 2008

Citizen's Arrest!!!!

So...can someone tell me what the heck is up with DJ Lance. I know...why in the world do I even know who this guy is really. I wouldn't...but I'm a Mommy now. Doesn't every Mommy know this face...this name? Does YO GABBA GABBA ring a bell?
First off...what's up with the clothes? I know that bright colors are supposed to stimulate a child's brain...or so they say...but REALLY! Can DJ Lance tone it down a brain hurts looking at him sometimes. I often wonder why I succomb to this if I don't deal with enough weirdos at work everyday. Because...Megan loves the show! I love to watch her dance around and sing along...I think she's singing anyway (can't quite make it out yet). I realized I have a problem when I find myself singing along as well. The other day the show was on...Kevin had just walked in from work. He's sitting on the couch holding Megan in his lap...and as she's dancing in her seat, I'm singing along too. Kevin stated it this simply..."Megan, I think Mommy watches too much YO GABBA GABBA!"
I think Kevin is right...maybe I need to be arrested.
So now...DJ Lance is hearby placed under arrest! Let me "BREAK IT DOWN!"
1. His clothes are too loud!
2. He can't dance, and it's stopping traffic!
3. He's just plain goofy.


Betsy said...

I HATE that show!! Dh got the girls hooked thoguh, so I hear "I wanna watch yo gabba gabba!" UGH!

Liz said...

It's the only thing that Graiden will watch besides Sesame Street! I know all of the songs. That's pretty sad, but at least the show is about music!