Thursday, December 4, 2008

Child neglect?

So I'm on facebook the other day...and I notice they actually have a group called "Where the heck are Max and Ruby's parents." What do I do...I join it. For no other reason than it's amusing. I've been watching this silly show since Megan has been interested in TV...and I've always wondered this very question. It doesn't appear by reading the posts in the group that anybody has any idea. they seem interested; however, we all still wonder.

I kinda feel sorry for poor Ruby. I mean...she's not really enjoying her childhood much chasing Max around all day. I know Grandma comes around every once in awhile, but even she doesn't want much to do with the little misfit Max!
Ruby is even slightly annoying in her own little nuturing way. I guess she doesn't mean to be...but what choice does she have really.
As I watch this show...I wonder what Megan is learning. Is this show her early guide to future babysitting ventures? Is it even a good idea that she watches Max and Ruby run amuck while their parents are nowhere to be found?
So where are Max and Ruby's parents? Off making more annoying bunnies?


Abby said...

That's funny! I never noticed it, but they do seem to be missing a lot of the time!

Betsy said...

I Have only seen it a few times... that is rather strange thoguh, that the parents aren't shown... lol.

Abby said...

I just tagged you!

reesethepug said...

You are right! Never thought about it...

New reader here, but I'm following you! And you just got TAGGED!